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Persian Collection

Rare, hand selected rugs from the 19th and 20th century master weavers of NW Persia and the Central Persian city looms of Isfahan and Keshan and the Farsistan tribal quarters, in SW Persia, of the Turkic tribal weaving of the Quashga'i, the Khamseh Confederacy, the Afshar and the Baktiari tribes. Also, amazingly charming, provincial, 19th century copies of court Tabriz and Kashan floral rugs of the time, by regional Feraghan and Sarouk town weavers. The copies were handsome, simpler, curvilinear, yet often with finer weaves, wool and dyes than their big city counterparts.
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Persian Kerman
Antique Persian Qashgai
Ca. 1875
Persian Mahajaran Sarouk
Persian Mahajaran Sarouk Circa 1910
Persian Manchester Keshan mat
Persian Manchester Keshan
Circa 1910


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