Clay Stewart Collection of Türkmen Textiles

12. Ahal Teke Türkmen çuwal

Ca. 1875. Size: 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 6 in.

Technical Description

12 x 26 = 312 asymmetrical kpsi (width/height ratio of 1:2), open to the right, even warps from back, all wool foundation and knots, invisible weft viewed from the back. Backing missing.


transport cartage bag


The center field has 36 main çuwal güls with towuk nusga centers, arranged in 6 rows of 6. The main border consists of a version of the gochanak motif and this is flanked on both sides with gilin barmak motif minor borders and finally flanked by a tekbent border (woman's belt border). The top of the rug (only) has a single horizontal border of repeated E-shapes that are inverted darak comb motifs. Center field has 25 full vertically linked çemçe emblems (spoon motifs) as minor emblems with 24 disappearing half emblems, bottom apron has yerez or gapirga patterns (Moshkova) vertically linked to tekbent poles. Color: deep cherry red field, ivory, yellow, orange red, blue.


Central Asia Turkmenian Akhal oasis area.

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