Clay Stewart Collection of Türkmen Textiles

11. Saryk Türkmen Aÿna To:rba, animal trapping, decorative hanging

Ca. 1890. Size: 1 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 8 in.

Technical Description

12 x 24 = 288 asymmetrical wool knots, open to the left, resulting in a width/height ratio of 1:2. Ridged warps are ¾ depressed when viewed from the back and single shoot weft invisible from the back. Nap runs in reverse, top ½ inch flat kilim flap has "Turkish" knotted multi colored 15 in. across width of trapping and folded over to hang upside down. Bottom 1 in. kilim flap folded over and sewn.


Animal trapping for bridal camel, later related to the "mirror" talisman in reflecting evil away from the bride inside the Ak öÿ. This piece was never intended to be used as a bag for storage or transport, but was used as a decoration and animal trapping and was apotropaic in function.


Center field shows 5 columns of 3 squared Aÿna güls each, bordered by vertical 2 ok gozi on far left and right vertical minor borders and 4 tekbent vertical minor borders (each flanked by ala ja stripes) and an over all perimeter of a single ala ja stripe. This trapping has the classis number of 7 major borders. 1 and 2 are gochanak variations, 3, khamtoz, 4, Parsi gül, 5, gelin barmak, 6, gozni, 7, yashil gochak. Each of the 7 main borders is flanked on both sides with ala ja stripes. The top open end offers a khamtoz variant.


Pende Oasis, south of Merv.

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