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»  2. Ar-sary Türkmen çuwal,

Ca. 1870. Size: 5 ft. 1in. x 3 ft. 4in.

Ar-sary Türkmen çuwal

Full front view

Lower right corner close up

Back side close up


»  Technical Description
Structure:  10 x 15 = 150 kpsi, pulled open to the left, with a width/height ratio of 1:1.5. Two cord side edges overcast with red yarn. Straight combed blonde wool warps show even from the back. Beautiful abrash. Soft, lustrous wool. Back missing.

Use:   Transport pouch.

Ornamentation:  Çuwal gül in 4 rows of 3 each, with 2 columns of half-güls on both left and right sides. Three rows of 4 full çemçe minor emblems with gochak motifs on cross end points with another 2 rows of 4 each half-emblems (partially hidden) on the top and bottom. One main border showing äyna gochak mirror motifs alternating with four shades of color moving from light to dark and repeating. Two minor guard borders flanking the main border show a judur pattern. Apron has gochak giyak poles that are latticed. Upper end with sytchan izy pattern, double narrow stripe.

Provenance:   Lower middle Amu Darya quartering area, east of Merv, south of Bukhara.

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