Galerie Turkmen

The Clay Stewart Turkmen Collection of 19th Century Türkmen Textiles

From the late 19th century end of these great Central Asian Turkmen nomads, and their incomparable textiles, are individually acquired examples of these Red rugs of the Transcaspia. Shown are various pieces and types of tribal textiles from the Ar Sare, Saryk, Salyr, Teke and Yomut Turkmen nomads. Classification of old Turkmen weaves is still unfinished, vastly complicated by the fact that they're (Turkmen weavers) essentially all copyists and their designs as a means of identification is a Rosetta Stone and changed with which ever tribe was dominant.
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Saryk Turkmen Ayna Torba

Saryk Türkmen Aÿna to:rba
Ca. 1890

Akhal Teke Türkmen çuwal

Akhal Teke Türkmen çuwal

Ca. 1875




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