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»  4. Akhal Teke Türkmen Main carpet

Ca. 1885. Size: 7' x 10'

Akhal Teke Türkmen Main carpet

Full front view

Lower right corner close up

Upper right corner close up

Top main border close up

»  Technical Description
Structure:  143 asymmetrical kpsi, pulled open to the right. Weft is slightly visible from back, mostly not visible. Two wool weft shoots (Merv Teke feature: Moshkova).
Horizontal warps (flat knot nodes visible from the back, an Akhal Teke feature). Ratio of width to height knots is 11x13 or 1:1.2 (another Akhal feature resulting in proportionately tall full gö:ls and indicates added age). Pile is cut high. Wool is lustrous and glossy with light abrash in field. Loose, supple handle. Straight, combed undyed white wool warps.

Ornamentation:  Guş gö:l (Teke main gö:l) is the primary gö:l and contains 3 acorn shoots (birds) in each quarter of the round octagonal medallions. 4 columns of 10 major guş gö:ls and 3 columns of 8 gurbaga minor güls. Main gö:ls are all cross linked with dark blue grid (compartmented) lines, crossed vertically and horizontally through their centers. Minor güls are linked by blue lines on the vertical axis only. Main border displays the repeated variants of the shelpe golcha octagon pattern (lit. jewelry pendant or amulet) alternating with compartments containing a variety of designs, flanked on both sides by guard borders displaying repeated reciprocating gochanak designs.

Unusual features:  Gö:l change in first row from the top where 3 complete minor gurbaga güls are replaced by 3 chemche güls, each with white gochanak (ram's horns) motifs on the 4 ends of their 4 stems. Also, the upper stem of the gurbaga minor gul on the eighth row only shows a white gochanak ram's horn motif. These family meeting rugs are larger than all of the other woven products and dominate the Türkmen öÿ (tent, home) floor in the 19th century. These were the repositories of their emblem of the heraldic gushli gol unique only to the Teke tribe. Each major Turkmen tribe had its own major gö:l specific to that tribe only. Main border is smaller rather than larger (Moshkova).

Utility:   Main formal family and visitor meeting rug usually reflecting the status, wealth and specific tribe of the owner.

Provenance:  Akhal oasis, Turkmenia

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