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»  5. Akhal Teke Türkmen Kalta

Ca. 1880. Size: 1 ft. 4 in. x 2. ft. 4 in.

Akhal Teke Türkmen kalta

Full front view

lower left corner detail of weaver's mark + vestigial fringe

Close up of white cotton weaver's mark

Close up back view

»  Technical Description
Structure:  All wool foundation and lustrous, sparkling sheep's wool. 10 x 20 = 200 asymetrical kpsi, pulled open to the right, width/height ratio of 1:2, even warps when viewed from the back, 2 shoots of undyed wool weft are invisible from the back. Nap runs from top to bottom. Superb suppleness.

Use:  Women's personal articles bag for mirrors, combs, etc..

Ornamentation:  9 aÿna gochak güls (mirrors with horns) inside squares, compartmented in center field with vertical ok gezi borders and horizontal tengejik (5 dot dice face) borders, all enclosed by an inwardly pointed gilin barmak meridian flanking the main border containing the Khaikelbagi pattern (repeated British flags pattern), one dark and then one light and is flanked on the outer sides by an outer minor guard border of an outward facing gilin barmak pattern followed by an single ala ja stripe. Finally, an apron of two rows of alternating (top and bottom) flowers (kelle motif) with single column on both sides and finally one top and bottom ala ja stripe. Remnants of Turkish knotted fringe protrude from the bottom front end.
Unusual feature: Bleached white cotton woven into front field halfway down front right main border (6th khaikelbagi down) and on left in smaller amounts on main and final outer border (weaver's mark?).

Provenance:  Akhal Oasis region, Southwestern Turkestan.

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